hi! i’m kimon and i’m a storyteller of wild and roaming hearts.

i’m based in santorini, greece and i shoot romantic, intimate and adventurous couples from around the world. i support and celebrate all love and i’m a proud pro-marriage equality photographer and advocate!

ask me about my photography and i'll tell you about nostalgia, identity, relationship, culture and memory, but that could get boring. all you really need to know is that i infuse these themes into my images to capture the intimate and vulnerable moments that define your relationship. i want to create something timeless for future generations — your future generations — to cherish.

at the same time, i totally get that you’re unique and i always do my best to make sure i represent you as you are. how do i do that? well, for starters, i make sure we meet before our shoot — whether that’s over coffee or wine — so we can really get to know each other. don’t hold back — i love bonding with clients over our quirks!

a little bit more about me? i travel to help fuel my creativity, to challenge myself in new settings and to stay inspired. i bring each of these experiences with me to every shoot and that inspiration is a major driver for me to capture destination weddings, elopements or simply your next adventure!

kimon kaketsis

- dreamer, traveller, photographer, BFA, MA


can’t get enough? let’s be insta friends! @kimon