BEST OF 2018

hey 2018, you kicked my ass in all the right ways. the past 12 months proved to be the most adventurous, challenging and rewarding. cliché as that sounds it couldn’t be farther from the truth. there was a lot of adventure (see below) and the most significant was moving to a different continent. i dove right in with eyes closed and trusted the journey and oh did i have fun. not only was 2018 the year of transition and growth it was also the year of planes, trains and automobiles. i flew on so many flights i don’t even care to count the kilometres. so i must thank everyone who shared their adventure and trusted me to capture your story, im grateful because of your trust and support i get to do what i love so much. i could go on as i tend to babble and never get to my point so ill let my ‘best of 2018’ say the rest. it was hard choosing so im afraid there is a lot to scroll through,

happy new year lovers, i look forward to getting my ass kicked by 2019. xo -kimon


‘listen carefully to first criticisms made of your work. note just what it is about your work that critics don’t like… then cultivate it. that’s the only part of your work that’s individual and worth keeping. what the public criticizes in you, cultivate. it is you.’

-jean cocteau


As a photographer who celebrates love, union, companionship - truly and utterly - I strive to encompass these ideas in my work. A few years ago it became apparent that I had to explore my concept of love and relationship to be able to document and express it genuinely from behind my lens. I was at a crosspoint and had to let everything go so I could be free to learn about myself. And holy fuck what an adventure of highs and lows it is. I had to accept my shortcomings. Despite the difficulties, I kept on and trusted the journey. In a relationship with myself, for better or worse, is the most challenging relationship I’ve ever committed to. Don’t get me wrong, this pursuit isn’t a solitary one, quite the opposite, I’ve never felt more support from family, friends and complete strangers. I realized, your vulnerability is your greatest strength, and when you show it the universe has its way of helping you out, it speaks through all the people I know and love and those I have yet to meet.

This series is a reflection of the past few years of settling into myself; the beginning of a process of trusting, learning and leaning into the beauty that transpires. I began collaborating with fellow photographers and creatives (PK, JS & MK) who where on journeys of their own and knew in order to represent individuality I had to step out of my norm and focus on portraiture. I sought a close friend and photographer to be my muse and I experimented with the relationship of figure and landscape. She embodied the summer days we spent reflecting on themes of love and self-worth. As I explored with my camera, Juli did with writing. Her approach is a little more abstract, but it resonates with my images, read along below. Enjoy this departure from my usual, its something new for me, with more to come.


-subject, creative writings, Juli S